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When the clouds get heavy

Mummy, this shower is just like the rain, Lil said. And of course, as her mother, every discovery or questions that pop out of her is exciting for me. So I asked her to intrigue her further, what's the difference and she said 'The rain is for plants and shower for us. Am I right, mummy? ' Of course darling, I offered and finished off telling her that the rain is God made, and the shower is man-made?' Before I knew what I was up to, she asked, what do you mean?

Even though I wasn't ready I found myself

answering ' Well baby, God enables rain from the sky and man gathers this rain and stores it for usage as it' s needed. Imagine how life would be if you had just to depend on rain. She returned it with her another question, so where does God keep the rain waters, then? Well, when the sun shines, the water from the earth evaporates and get stored in the clouds, and when it gets too wet, it pours.

As I said it, my tears rolled. Lil was confused, she asked, are you crying? I said yes ... My cloud is too full too, and it's raining. I was grateful that it was a drizzle and not a downpour. I quickly smiled and got her off the shower and diverted her attention as I was surprised that there were tears in my heart that I didn't realise existed. I continued to mull over the thought how tears find their way when there is a tear (hurt) in the heart.

What am I torn about and did these little pains get evaporated? Did I look at the sunny side of life totally ignoring the need to ‘let go’ in the name of being strong, too small, they shouldn’t know, not the right place or the not now as reasons? How did I not recognise when the melancholy side showed up, that the dark clouds were building up? Oh, what the heck, I

decided, I will let the rain out today, while I can. At least I am glad there were no lightning or thunders accompanying the showers of my heart. I know the rainbow will appear, and it will be the sunshine again.

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