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The Motherhood Crown

The untold story

The fruit of gratitude is happiness The fruit of motherhood is resilience She wears it as a necklace to beautify And wears a smile when others compliment Within the smile is the experience The weight of wearing it for years The heaviness of the secrets that she holds The one that wears any human heart The pain of your nipple bitten while nursing The ache of rejection while you were elsewhere The anger your child holds towards you as you over care The failure you experience when your best fails The distance that you feel when you become irrelevant The loneliness when the hugs and kisses becomes occasional The judging eyes that your child does not fit the norms The fear of failure consumes In the midst of these, you thrive to find light With hope and belief that this too will pass Focusing on the good times, holding on to memories Sharing stories that warm the hearts of others Secrets wrapped in your smile of gratitude The gratefulness of being able to love so much The resourcefulness to walk through the storms Even in darkness, with the light of love as your armour Belief as your weapon Forgiveness as your breath Forgetfulness as a blessing Hope as your shield Smile as your beauty Resilience as the gift Spirituality as the destination Grace becomes the celebration Then you wear the crown of the lady When children make it And when they jump with joy with their achievement Your happiness returns as pride The pride that you wear as a crown The crown of being the beauty The beauty of the title, mum The jewel that you bring along to the next world

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