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The hero within

I witnessed a miracle today

One that made me look within

In search of my own

My own hero

The hero who inspires you

The one who empowers

Actions that would otherwise be A stretch

A stretch it is , indeed

The kind of stretch that holds life within

Feeling a connection with your own

The kind that makes your heart swell

Just like birth

There may be a tear

Some bigger than the other

When all you want to do is scream in vain

Till you realise that it's birth

Birth of another from within

Tear filled joy embracing it

Realising this beautiful moment

The mark may remain

As a reminder of the growth

The pain no more

Only joys that the heart strives to hold

I heard you speak about your hero

Your better half who holds the pain

The dreams of a parent

Who is just normal

Is it ambitious or indeed normal

To expect your child to do what is normal

Would others understand the pain of yearning

That only wants the best for its own

I reached out for my magic wand

That would take all your pain away

I found courage instead

To find the hero within

Inspired by the yearning of a parent as I heard the story of a dear father who yearns to hear his 8 year old tell him about his day.

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