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The Brocken Art

The appreciation for a transparent glass comes with the responsibility of keeping it clean . The slightest dust and dirt , can take away its beauty instantaneously. I suppose that is why I generally stay away from transparent glasses in my choice of fitting for my house.

Tinted glass makes me feel safe as I can see but they can't see me feeling, as long as the lights on my side is darker. Oh no, there is too much of pressure to remember this when I am in action.

Frosted is a great idea. White and reasonably clean, dusty or not, it takes one great eye for detail and a lot of effort to look closely to see through.

I looked around and my eye caught a stained glass art on the window. How artistic , my mind began to wonder. I wondered how the first piece was ever produced before it became a prized possession for many today.

I was imagining an artistic mind that found broken glass pieces , appreciated the beauty and tried to make a picture out of it. When the picture was ready, it was probably somewhat beautiful with rough edges that can hurt fingers that touch them . Some would have touched, carefully and some stay out of risks of being hurt.

When and if the art gained some appreciation , the enterprising mind may have decided now smoothen the edges to make the broken pieces look smooth and fit together more beautifully to form the art piece.

And now we need to order them and t have a budget to own them , I suppose.

I wondered about myself and found joy in looking at current self as a self made stained glass piece that people compliment. The colourful life of mine were sometimes broken by painful past , memories, hurts , unfairness caused by others. And some brokenness within me was my own mistakes , naivety , desires and humanness.

In the past years, I have unconsciously smoothen my edges so that my brokenness does not hurt others but becomes an appreciation of who I am today . I am glad that my brokenness can empower people to become their own art piece. But before that , they must see beauty , they must feel the need to come one step closer to appreciate the piece that make me , ME.

Now, that's what I will continue to do so that others can see me . Not because I want to be their prized possession .

I am one and now I know how the value of my beautiful art is - my past. Would you come near me?

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