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The Big Soul

I found the courage to visit my dear friend despite the usual Sunday busyness. All four of us, surprisingly had a great time catching up. Four good friends finally found time to be together, after years of pragmatism into ' the barrenness of a busy life '. Visits to my dearest optimistic friend, Sum is always a joyful occasion. Grand old times, laughter and as you may guess, some tears were shed too. What usually follows suit is the silence that takes over your heart, almost like a vacuum, a space of no feelings, an immigrant in your body. We stopped for a cup of coffee to continue the nostalgics of the beautiful friendship that comes along 21 years when every one of us migrated from our little towns to find greener pasture in the city of hope, Kuala Lumpur. We met at different places and ended up in the same house for years before we all migrated from our living freely as singles to a more purposeful marital life. Soon after, pragmatism and a faster rat race took over our lives, the quest to succeed. Sum, the most carefree of all, ended up with an only child policy, only to be a loving mother to 35 other kids. She became the light to the kids who not only lit up her life, but they made her light shine brighter than ever. Even cancer failed to dim it. Today, I met Cute K, who left a jolt in my heart. A cute, vibrant four-year-old, left at the home, at four months, has developed what I considered acute listening. He must have eavesdropped on all the adult conversations about the C that mummy Sum has got, and understood that she would soon lose her hair to chemotherapy. Someone gave K, a spiderman suit, cap included, except that it is now, missing. K had given it to Sum so that she can look cool when she loses her hair. I choked and chuckled at the same time. Choked at the love and chuckled at the innocence. What a big heart in such a small body? A great sense of humour included. I wondered...., if he understood, at 4, Spiderman's tagline, with great power comes great responsibilities. He lived it intuitively. K and his cap continued to fill my heart during the week. He gave me a glimpse of what a healthy self-esteem, looks like at a discovery stage, for the pride has not taken over. The TEST and RESULT, I suppose, is in the genuineness of the thoughts, actions and feelings, fueled by a principle of values that K is yet to discover. He has not realised that his confidence of 'doing the right thing as you stay true to self'. Thank you K, for lighting up my life and Sum for lighting his life...Be blessed!

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