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The Ace Factor of 2016

As I vividly recall, 20 years ago when I set foot in my first training program, I took home one important lesson, MY attitude will determine my future.

Embracing this value close to my heart, I yearned to change the world, as the program changed mine that day. I changed my job, I joined THE learning industry. As my journey began, so did the test to my attitude. In the first 10 years, my friends constantly questioned and challenged me, rightfully so, as they witnessed the continuous uphill struggle I endured in the industry that I had chosen.

As I held on to my belief and faith in the path that I paved for myself, I persevered for I knew I had received my true calling. My friends eventually recognized the joy it gave me as all the pain from my struggles eased away slowly, replaced with a new found glitter in my eyes. In a recent assignment, I worked with a team to support them in discovering their ABCDE’s of their personal mission within their department. As I embarked on this journey, I became more intrigued by the complexity of the word attitude, I was determined to make it simple.

What is Attitude, I asked myself? Mr. Google gave me a definition; a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something, typically one that is reflected in a person’s behavior. As I dwelled more into the pursuit of defining ‘attitude’, the more it dawned upon me that we are merely servants of our minds. It led me to the path of Emotional Intelligence, what greeted me in this quest was very much liberating. I felt empowered, as if I went into a new dimension, from being an “Emotional Wreck” to new whole world of 'Emotionally Intelligent'. The difference lied in how I defined an event, which then determined how I felt about it. These feelings either empowered or disempowered me towards all my reactions or how I chose to respond. The outcomes were determined by the choices I made. I realized that the more I chose to respond towards an outcome that is close to my ideal self, the more I aspired to be in that role. When I chose correctly, I found myself blessed with more Ace Cards in life. I am not an expert in card games but I am grateful that I am able to comprehend the value of Ace in most games, it’s the trump card. Got that! I have seen it in the possession of others, being used to win big, win it all. In 2016, I begin with the question, what are the Ace factors that will help me win this year? I strive to play it differently this time; I will be using my Ace Cards from the beginning. How about you?

Happy New Year!

Note : ABCDE is a framework to enable individual and teams to discover their purpose by exploring Attitudes, Beliefs, Competencies, Drivers and Energy.

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