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State of excellence

  • Would you agree with me that we all desire excellence in our area of choice?

  • If so, what are the areas, then, that can contribute to our state of excellence in today's world?

These four factors would certainly contribute to our state of excellence:

  1. Emotional Intelligence , vital to have clarity within.

  2. Social Intelligence, the bridge to reach out appropriately, to our circle of connection and influence.

  3. Motivation, the energy within that drives us to take action and sustain it.

  4. Resilience, being resourceful when things go awry.

Why Flow?

Flow is the state of excellence. Every one of us would have experience in this state at some point in our life. And you would agree with me that , it's a great space to occupy. How we get to this state of excellence and remain there, is the key differentiator with flowprofiler®.

With the rise of complexity and speed in the business , how do some people produce better results and stay healthy while being connected with people who matter in their lives, one might wonder. There are more who deliver exceptional results, risk their health and maybe disconnected with people who matter. The critical factor may be how own stays at the state of excellence and knowing when to put on the brakes when stress creeps in, quietly.

Imagine a tool that helps to identify the fine line between using your superpowers well and moving into a stressful state. The shift from excellence to unconscious abuse within, when managed, leads to well being.Two states measured are day to day and when under pressure. Many of us would have experienced how stress can stretch us to enhance our results or impact our effectiveness negatively. The key lies in our awareness and regulation.

And the conversation that follows that will help us determine our next course of action to develop, activate, maintain and manage our flow states, as needed in our individual lives. flowprofiler® measures four factors or areas - Emotional Intelligence, Social Intelligence, Motivation, and Resilience. It is a tool that brings these four factors in one assessment and having the choice to do it separately in as three advantages.

Sounds too good. Well, I felt the same way too. Not anymore. Connect to find your flow and be inspired with a personal , powerful and positive tool.

Welcome to Malaysia, flowprofiler® and thank you Chalmers International for this meaningful partnership.

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