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A beautiful day

A productive day

A list that awaits completion

A heart that need accomplishments

Drawn into the world of perfection

Knowing that its only an illusion

The world of fantasy is perfect

This reminder can be great

It can knock you off to a fall

To be in pain and self doubt.. or

I can make a knack out of it

A craft in the making

Th difference would be

Choosing snuggle or struggle

Struggle is a fight within while

Snuggle is the warmth within

The cold wind may seem harsh

Its a reminder to find warmth

The rain stalling outdoor action

A reminder to be indoor within

The dark weather can feel eerie

Has sun has forgotten the warmth I need

Maybe it’s snuggling too

For me to find the warmth from the light within

I will stop struggling

To live the life I crafted

And snuggle in with

Craftful living …instead

The craft that build memories

Of love and loving

Becoming and Being

Being Whole Being Me

I woke up on 13th of September 2021, feeling energised after weeks of feeling useless , not having done enough to a rainy day that immediately upset me . As I sat out at the porch with my laptop , I was distracted and I enjoyed it . I just stared at sound and beauty and realised how little it takes to be joyful. And how hard I had worked to keep the joy away . As I struggled to snuggle , I am glad I snuggled anyway , to the warmth that life offered on a cold , rainy day

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