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Loving is NOT painful

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Loving is not painful

Not being able to express is

Longing to interact is not painful

Not being able to do that is

To love is fulfilling

But not be experience the love back

Can leave one broken

Learning how to let go is painful

Not knowing where you left to

Only void

Consolation comes that you are in a better plane

The depth of faith and fate all crushed

In this other plane , you can see us ,maybe

But we can’t experience you

Not your chats nor laughters

Not your authentic , transparent , honest thoughts

No more unique validation of ideals that we shared

No more messages that you personally care

Neither the joy and pride that you treasure

Nor the conversation of your ideals for life

It feels like not os long ago that we met

Yet the many footprints that you have left

Inspired me how to live , love , laugh

I have received so much

Admiring how you made dreams come true

And aching for the one that were beyond you

Generosity had a new face with you

Giving when you had nothing is just you

To say thank you the you gasp for your own breath

To give away all that you have

Unconditional in essence

I don’t know how I feel

Knowing it will never be the same

I do know that we will laugh and cry

Thinking of what you would say

At different moments , different times

They say life is short

Yours was unfairly too short

It’s been my privilege to have met you

Been blessed by your loving nature

You will be missed forever my friend

Your presence never to be replaced

Yet cherished

A short life but a big one

How to live and love wholeheartedly

I have no words

To comfort your favourite girl

Who lives the legacy your left

In every way possible

This is not saying goodbye

Just saying it’s really quiet without you

Life will go on

Will try to love life like you

This piece was inspired by a friend , Ravintharan Doracanoo who inspired me by the way he loved and lived. His quick exit into the other world left a vacuum as I browsed through the various messages he left for me and made me feel visible to myself and his life .

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