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Joy of brokenness

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

A celebration for an art piece or memoir of a junk

Oh my broken parts

Sometime , I don't recognise you

Other times , I down honor your presence

I look deeply...what an art piece you have become

In the brokenness, the pieces scattered

Uncared pieces hurting others

Some polished to be beautiful

Coming together as an art piece

Oh don't you worry , you beautiful

It is indeed , in the eye of the beholder

This is not about how they see you

But how you see yourself

Appreciating how yous stayed together

To be an art instead of junk

Putting piecing the experiences together instead

That displayed strength in beauty

Oh pain when you come

I wrung

Just enough till I transfigure

I picked up the pearls that was left behind

To decorate the scars

Now , a tattoo to tell our story


I found this piece accidentally on my phone today. It was interesting to see the patterns that I display in my writing about brokenness and transforming it into art pieces. As I reflect , I have moments of art and moments of junk .

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