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Inclusive Leadership Magnifies Purpose

It’s 6 am, a cold Sunday morning and I am getting ready for a charity walk. For those who know me, they will know that this is not my cup of tea but here I am vigourously getting ready for a walk. “Isn't this a little short of madness?” I questioned myself as I pulled up my sneakers. I had often wondered why others indulged in this? Firstly, I am not a sports enthusiast; its dancing that tickles my fancy. Secondly, if one wants to donate, why not just donate, why run and ‘complicate’ life? Thoughts of this nature echoed in my mind before I came to a realization that my team and I are now totally engulfed in the ‘Magenta Agenda’.

As I reflected, I realized that this year had been an exhilarating year for all of us. As I took a moment to recall how it all started, it brought me back to the night I sat in the MD’s room, passionately exchanging ideas. We were searching for ways to inspire and engage the people whilst ascertaining probable challenges that may come along with it. It was in this session that she shared a ‘thank you video’ from a school that her team had helped repaint. Her eyes swelled in pride as she commented “Look at my people; though they are constantly immersed in work, look at their hearts”.

As she continued to show me more videos and pictures of how the Magenta team came together , her expression grew more earnest, with fire in her eyes she quipped “we must do more for them”, a remark that I have heard her say so very often in previous town halls.

I must say that I was very moved by all that I saw, gradually felt a little void in my heart for not being part of a larger organization. The company was embarking on what we loved to do, in our very own small way. It was then that it dawned upon me, the difference numbers can do in striving towards achieving a worthy cause.

My inner thoughts must have reflected on my face for she recognized it immediately; she gave me an inquisitive glance. I couldn’t help sharing my passion, the work that we do for children, EQ for Children and Artistic Learning to Learn. She listened intently to my ideas and dreams as it came pouring out, much to my delight. This conversation ignited the initial spark for us to work with the under privileged children this year, I was humbled. What a great way to welcome Christmas, I almost felt like a Santarina, adorned in magenta.

Now, that’s how I got my team to participate in this prestigious walk today.

Today, each step that I took was a step of gratitude:

  • The awareness that I can walk forward on my own

  • The joy of walking with hundreds of likeminded people

  • The knowledge that these steps will empower many children

  • The small part we have in sketching their life path whilst coloring their future

  • The vision of empowered children who will have and make better choices

My Leadership Lesson :

Inclusive Leadership Magnifies Purpose

Indeed, what a beautiful way to start a Sunday to remember that you Delight others by being Heroes, by being a great FORCE using your TALENT in PRIDE.

Thank you, T Systems.

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