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The weight loss

I heard you the other day when you rang the bell away

I ignored you cos I was sure you will go away

You have been waiting for a while

I just didn’t realize

I felt overwhelmed today

So I thought I will open the door anyway

I had forgotten about you, my dear

What a gush you were

Oh My, how you came flooding

Neither control nor defend was possible

I gave in to the flood you were

Oh boy, what a relief they were

I am so sorry to have ignored you

Finally grateful, you made it here

It must be difficult for you

Holding up so much for so long

Fear, anxiety, isolation

Pains, losses, hurts

Anger, alone, helpless

All this and much more

The knock on the door today was too loud

To be ignored anymore

The weight is too heavy to carry

No energy left for life anymore

I was sure you visited me because of the recent incident

For, it all happened so quickly

Only now I realized, the is loss gave me the courage

To open the door finally to you

I am glad you were near enough

Now, you can take your time my dear

Because much has been lost, my friend

So hang out with me till we are done

Feel free to visit me again

I will try not to resist you

You are not a show of my weakness

But a reminder of what I had

What I have lost, what I miss so much

You remind me what these meant to me

Its parts of who I am

What gifts I had

I won't need to run or hide

Because you would never go away

But I will embrace you

For the reminders of the love we share

One that I will cherish

One that I will miss

One I will never attempt to replace

One that only belonged to us

And I know, only living the love we had

Would fill the vacuum you left

While the vacuum you left remains

The love is to be experienced again

Thank you for coming, O grief

And helping me to heal

Now l will hold you in my heart

To me, be the console and comfort

Live will never be the same again

The pain now all turning into a gain​

Regaining the will to live again

To move and love again

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