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Finding Me

Owning our story can be hard but not nearly as difficult as spending our lives running from it " Dr Brene Brown

I looked around; I squirmed

So much of fakeness. Why?

The mirror called out to me

The darkness showed up

I quickly looked away

Memories returned, unwelcomed

The forbade fruits

A hate-filled heart

The lack of love for my own

The joy of hurt in another

The million times I reacted

When embrace was needed

Who am I? Fakeness?

I looked harder within

Just once perhaps, I persuaded the self

It's only a glimpse, how bad can it be?

As the light falls, the scars appear

I wanted to look away

It's not me I assured the self

I found courage to look again

Compassion inched in slowly

Understanding laced with joy

Acceptance triumphed

Soul beamed with the brightness

The beautiful memories of my life journey

No more scars, just memories

The many shades of my past, present and future

It was the healing light, the mind offered

The heart retaliated, NO!!!

A moment of celebration it concluded

A beautiful story indeed

Memories began to flow and flood

Washing away sins of judgement

The light shining brighter than ever

For more stories emerging from deep within

Neither attention nor approval is needed

Just owning my stories sets me free

Digging deep, setting me free

Deliberating, only to find more of me

Inspired, making better choices

Going forward, living in fullness

Walking in light, with shadows of darkness

Many colours, not just shades of grey

This new gift, of walking in darkness

Giving the heart, the courage to step in

Bending over to embrace the imperfect me

Deeply rooted in who I am

Compassion and courage, finally connected

Connecting with yet, another part of me

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